Week #17 – Sweet Potato!

Sweet potato fries, turnips & turnip greens

Open House at the farm is October 17th – 1-4pm. Join our CSA for next season at the Open House and save 10%! The new 2016 Membership form will be printed soon or you can print your own from here.

The Sweet Potato harvest is going well. Everyone will get a few pounds this week. We have some new turnips. These are an heirloom french variety, Des Vertus Marteau. They have a sweet, mild, crisp flavor excellent for salads, crudites or cooked. Since they are a french heirloom, we found a french recipe. Turnip greens are very healthy for you. Yes, we have a recipe this week for those also.

Possibilities for Week#17 – Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Turnip, Swiss Chard, Kale, Carrots, Winter Squash (Acorn, Spaghetti, Butternut), Red Onion, Garlic, Lettuce Mix, Parsley, Radish, Pepper, Cabbage, Mustard Greens, Arugula, Collard Greens

Items and quantities differ between small/large share and also by harvest day

Turnip Recipe – Navet Glaces – The turnips you receive this week do not need to be peeled just scrubbed.  Eat them raw or cook them. Be sure to eat your turnip greens too! Here is a link all about the benefits of Turnip Greens with cooking tips and quick serving ideas. We tried the recipe Healthy Steaming with Mediterranean Dressing for dinner tonight.

Sweet Potato – oh there are so many recipes to try……mashed, roasted, pies, soup, casseroles, salads……..Tonight we tried Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges – definitely making this one again.  We have also tried a Sweet Potato Soup –  delicious

The possibilities seem endless…….enjoy your meals and have some fun in the kitchen this week!




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