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Farm News – May



Just after the heavy rains in

This is what has been going on around here

Well….planning, starting seeds, repotting, planning, starting seeds, repotting..once the snow stopped flying and the ground finally thawed we were able to begin preparing the fields for the growing season. Since the end of April, we have been busy working hard on our to do list for those few days of spring and into the hot summer temperatures that followed. The heavy rains poured and then the frigid cold snap and frost.  Today as we look ahead, the weather seems to have returned to normal and we can move on with our planting in the field.  It is always interesting dealing with weather and making adjustments. It certainly is nice to see everything turning green again!

So far we have transplanted tomatoes and peppers in the coldframe hoophouses. They are doing great! We also direct seeded some cucumbers in the pepper house.

Perennials – Rhubarb and herbs (thyme, sage, oregano, lemon balm) are coming in nicely.  The garlic planted in the fall is growing fast.

Field transplants  – potato (Yukon gold, mountain rose, red norland, fingerling, all blue), celeriac, onions (yellow, white & red), scallions, broccoli raab, swiss chard, beets, lettuce heads (leaf and romaine), and bok choy.

Direct seeding completed  – spinach, greens mix, turnips, arugula, peas (Snow & Snap), radish, baby lettuce mix

Direct Seeding – waiting for the soil to dry a little – beans, carrots, beets, parsnips,

Waiting to be transplanted to the field – Kennebec and butterball potato, tomatillos, tomato, pepper, hot pepper, eggplant, more scallions & onions, more lettuce heads, parsley, summer savory, shiso, majoram, lemon balm, thyme, edible flowers (borage, anise hyssop, nasturtiums, viola and calendula), leeks, sweet potato – end of may

Seeds recently started for transplants – winter squash-butternut, buttercup, spaghetti, acorn, delicata, and pumpkin; Summer squash-zucchini, yellow, scallopini; Melons – watermelon & cantaloupe; Cucumber-slicers and picklers; basil, more scallions and lettuce

The soil in the field today is still pretty muddy so we will have to wait until it dries enough to continue with transplanting and direct seeding. The sunshine over the next few days should help quite a bit. We have had enough rain for right now.

Hope to see you at the Sneak Peek!

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