The season officially begins

Your CSA Share

Items and quantities in the small and large share will vary. What is available for harvest day to day may be different. We will always do our best to make sure each pick up location receives the same or equivalent share with what is available. Sometimes it is very difficult to know exactly what we will have for the week until it is actually harvested and washed and ready to go to you. To keep your produce as fresh as possible we harvest what we need for each pick up day. You must maintain your pick up day that you signed up for. We are not able to switch back and forth between locations as additional items may not be harvested or available.

We will always wash you produce at the farm unless it will reduce the quality. Sometimes you may still need to do a little clean up at home. Storage at home is very important to maintaining freshness and quality. There is now a produce storage guide and a general harvest chart for NY located in Member Resources.

Our newsletter will list what you will/may find in you share for the week. It may change throughout the week. If you still don’t know what an item is, please feel free to contact us.

Please remember to bring your own bag to your pick up.

If you receive a boxed share, please keep your box clean and return for reuse to cut down on waste.

Thanks – see you soon!






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